The One Bourbon, One Chard, or One Beer Podcast mixes three of America’s favorite pastimes: music, drinking, and good old-fashioned gameshow style competition.

It also features America’s two favorite beverage personalities: longtime friends and collaborators Kern & Stub, who alternate creating a seven-song playlist and competing against a VERY SPECIAL GUEST to determine whether a beer, a wine, or a spirit/cocktail pairs best with each song.

The show is a natural extension of the pair’s desire to help people seamlessly fit fine wine, craft beer, and elevated cocktails into their lifestyle, as well as each of their lifelong obsession with music, media, and pop culture. Basically, the guys had to do this show together.


About Kern

This is the part about Kern. It will eventually say some nice stuff about Kern and all the cool things he does. It will probably include something about his education and work background; maybe even a mention of his domestic situation.

It might even say something pithy and funny, but it probably won’t be near as funny as Kern would have you believe.

We’ll also mention something about him being “America’s Uncommon Wine Expert,” which is actually a clever moniker, given Kern’s propensity for uncommon wine varieties and his sometimes quirky and inappropriate sense of humor.

We’ll end with something nice, maybe along the lines of: as hard as it is for any of us to admit at times, Kern is an intelligent, funny, and decent guy. Let’s just not tell him that, lest his glorious mane of hair have more to cover as a result of his swelled head.


About Stub

Stub is an award-winning blogger (2015 Wine Blog Awards), award-winning filmmaker (2016 International Wine Film Awards), regular contributor to the Emmy Award-winning Daytime Blue Ridge (WSLS Roanoke, VA), and author of the monthly beverage column in City Lifestyles Magazine. His work has also been featured in the San Jose Mercury News and the Wall Street Journal.

Stub produces and stars in “Supper With Stub,” a weekly on-line cooking series in which he pairs craft cocktails, beer, and wine with easy-to-make recipes; co-hosts “Wine Antics LIVE,” a weekly talk show that light-heartedly explores the wine and beverage world; and co-hosts the “One Bourbon, One Chard, or One Beer Podcast,” in which he pairs beverages with a diverse music playlist in an exciting gameshow competition format.

Stub has diverse experience in the hospitality industry—from bartending to restaurant management to foodservice/hospitality training and consulting. His passion for wine led him to take a position as a harvest intern in 2013, not only to appease his desire to “get his hands dirty” in the industry, but also to obtain an inside perspective that would better inform his media work.

Since its founding in 2011, CorkEnvy.com has been the vehicle through which Stub has put his extensive beverage and hospitality knowledge—as well as his writing, music, public speaking, and entertaining skills—to work for the wine and beverage world. Industry colleagues have referred to him as both the “Weird Al” and “Jimmy Kimmel” of wine.

Stub is a former active duty United States Marine, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government and International Politics and a Master of Public Policy—the first being his proudest accomplishment, the two latter resulting in the most expensive pieces of art in his home office.

As a sought-after writer, promotional filmmaker, speaker, and on-air personality, Stub works tirelessly to not only improve his knowledge (and his palate), but also to educate others in a way that makes wine fun, unpretentious, and accessible. He firmly believes you can be serious about wine without taking yourself too seriously.